Join us through September and October at the Kamloops Library to learn all about Social Media, what it is and how it can benefit your business.


This course is meant for those who have not yet taken a step into the business side of Social Media. We will cover topics such as: What is Social Media? How can Social Media benefit my business? What platform should I choose to use?


We will be releasing 101 & 102 in the near future as well! So if you want to take your knowledge to the next level you will be able to do so using the information provided in those sessions.


Please RSVP below so we know how many people to plan for and we look forward to seeing you at a session!



Check out the sessions below. Please make sure to register on Facebook & Eventbright so we can ensure your space is reserved.


There is a limit of 15 people per session.



We will provide you with note taking materials, as well as access to digital downloads from the session.


If you want to bring a tablet or phone, you are welcome to, but they are not required.


These initial sessions are about social media and which one to choose, not setup or further advanced subjects. That will be reserved for the 101 and 102 Sessions.



We are conducting these sessions for free at the Kamloops Library downtown.


100 - 465 Victoria Street


Our objective is to educate local business owners in the ways of Social Media, clear up myths, provide facts and answer questions they may have about the platforms in a conversational presentation.


Thank you for stopping by and we look forward to seeing you at the sessions!

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